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Hearthstone - Legendary Bonanza by 2K11CiNCo Hearthstone - Legendary Bonanza :icon2k11cinco:2K11CiNCo 3 0 League of Legends: How to MVP Garen by 2K11CiNCo League of Legends: How to MVP Garen :icon2k11cinco:2K11CiNCo 0 0
The Great Beach Bash
The Great Beach Bash: A TF2 Summer Story

RED Headquarters, Badlands, New Mexico
August 4, 2017, 7:00 AM, Preparing Summer Vacation in Orlando, Florida
The RED Mercenaries are a powerful force to be reckoned with, with victory or defeat, they will bring good sportsmanship to their opponents. This gesture makes the Administrator happy as battles raging across multiple areas like Gorge, Turbine, 2Fort, Dustbowl, Badwater, Lakeside, and so much more.
Now, after countless victories against their toughest foes, the Administrator has been pleased with RED's hard work, and told them that they will take 3 days off to Orlando, Florida. The Sniper is happy that he needs a break from all the fighting but he told to the Administrator that even danger and even more enemies planned to ruin their 3 days off and they must armed themselves to ensure their survival and their safety. The Administrator still thinks about the in
:icon2k11cinco:2K11CiNCo 0 0
[TF2/Tekken 7]Micheal Vs. Asuka by 2K11CiNCo [TF2/Tekken 7]Micheal Vs. Asuka :icon2k11cinco:2K11CiNCo 5 0
Prologue: Before The Breaker
Danger, mystery, and a lot of action awaits my fictional self and his captains as they stop a giant meteoroid from hitting the Pokemon World in a brand new TF2 X Pokemon Crossover, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire: Operation: Delta Breaker

Prologue: Before The Breaker
NJC Elite Force Headquarters, Badlands, New Mexico
July 19, 2017, almost 3 years after the release of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
It's been almost 3 years since Micheal, Heidon, and Lejohn have outsmarted their Hoenn opponents, the villainous Team Magma and Team Aqua, and even the Champion Steven himself to claim their Hoenn throne as Champions and entered themselves into the Hoenn Hall of Fame. Now, even Janie and Rancie have entered into the Hall of Fame as well, putting the 5 captains and the leader himself into a new adventure into the Hoenn region that requires the teammates of Neil and his 5 captains to save the world from a catastrophic met
:icon2k11cinco:2K11CiNCo 0 0
Heidon Vs. The Sinnoh Champion by 2K11CiNCo Heidon Vs. The Sinnoh Champion :icon2k11cinco:2K11CiNCo 3 3
Chapter II Part III - The Adventurer's Origins V2
For so long, here's the 3rd Part of Chapter II of Pokemon XY: The Heidon and Janie Chronicles

Chapter II: The Ketchum Search
Part III: The Adventurer's Origins
With Ash and his Pikachu, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie are now part of their team, Neil, Heidon, and Janie talked to them about their great adventures they got from their previous journeys. Stories of fighting through iconic TF2 battlefields like 2Fort, Dustbowl, Junction, and more are just the moments and greatest victories that Neil, Heidon, and Janie shared with them when then trio, along with their fellow captains, led the NJC Elite Force to many victories in battle with determination, cooperation, and teamwork from all of their fellow teammates. This also led them to take on crossover journeys when they're looking for new adventures to do. Since then, a few crossover adventures were made by Neil, Heidon, and Janie and every adventure they finished
:icon2k11cinco:2K11CiNCo 1 0
Heroes of The Storm - Another Legendary! by 2K11CiNCo Heroes of The Storm - Another Legendary! :icon2k11cinco:2K11CiNCo 0 0 Heroes of The Storm - The Butcherlisk by 2K11CiNCo Heroes of The Storm - The Butcherlisk :icon2k11cinco:2K11CiNCo 0 0 The Biting Pear (I Tried) by 2K11CiNCo The Biting Pear (I Tried) :icon2k11cinco:2K11CiNCo 0 0
Ch. II: The Speedster of The Oasis
Project: Beyond TF2
Chapter II: The Speedster of The Oasis
In the world of Team Fortress 2, one must learned his true limits in order to truly shine in the battles that follow. But sometimes, doing so can learn something more than just true limits, and it's about how will you fight until your team claims victory after your true limits are coming into play. Take this battle for example.
This battle introduces the Chapter's Mercenary: The Scout. Born and raised on the city of Boston, Massachusetts, Jeremy, the Scout, is a very deadly and mobile Offense Class, whose speed, double jumps and a choice of high-octane weapons makes him a formidable foe to anyone who come to take him out. Although he has 125 HP like the Spy, Engineer, and Sniper, the Scout can utilize his speed and his double jumps to leave slower opponents struggling to keep up with him, dodging incoming projectiles, and can access to areas too
:icon2k11cinco:2K11CiNCo 1 0
Ch. I: Above Medical Duty
Project: Beyond TF2
Chapter I: Above Medical Duty
Sometimes, words can mean a lot of things, but when there's action on the loose, it was still implied that "Action speaks louder than words." That's how the fighting goes, and that's how a recent battle has started.
So let's introduce to The Chapter's Mercenary: The Medic. Born and raised in Rottenburg, Germany, the Medic is highly-trained Support Class, whose main focus is to heal teammates to gain Ubercharge, and each Medi Gun, when fully-charged, gains his targeted teammate unique benefits like invulnerability, full critical hits, quicker health regeneration and knockback resistance, and even type and critical resistance. In every match, a team with a Medic can gain an advantage against an unprepared enemy team, same does applied in a 6v6 competitive match when only Scouts, Demos, Soldiers, and Medics are the 6v6 Core Team. Medic players should check their
:icon2k11cinco:2K11CiNCo 0 0
Ch. II Act III: The Training of the Revealed
Here's the 1st Act of Chapter II of my TF2 X Hyrule Warriors Crossover Story
TF2 X Hyrule Warriors: Hyrulean Stand at The Badlands
Chapter II: The Hyrulean Princess
Act III: The Training of the Revealed
As the NJC Elite Force and the Hylian Guard prepares for its' next attack against the Hyrulean Monsters, Neil visits Hyrule Castle along with his captains, his friends, and the heroic girls of Hyrule. He knew that this is the perfect place to train Glenry if he can be courageous enough to defeat Ganondorf, and needed practice with his swords and his shields, especially with the Tide Turner, which he can turn while charging, making him more versatile in dodging any enemy in sight.
Although being drunk during his time in Scotland, Glenry can still be a dangerous opponent to face if enemies aren't prepared for his drunken wrath. The Hyrulean Girls must watch out for his aggressive behavior thoug
:icon2k11cinco:2K11CiNCo 1 2
B-Day Gift to HeroWolfMod Ver. II by 2K11CiNCo B-Day Gift to HeroWolfMod Ver. II :icon2k11cinco:2K11CiNCo 3 1 B-Day Gift to HeroWolfMod Ver. I by 2K11CiNCo B-Day Gift to HeroWolfMod Ver. I :icon2k11cinco:2K11CiNCo 4 2 Happy Holidays! by 2K11CiNCo Happy Holidays! :icon2k11cinco:2K11CiNCo 2 1
Works made by me! Through Team Fortress 2 and Crossovers, it's all within here!


[SFM] TF2 get updated~ by RayDraca [SFM] TF2 get updated~ :iconraydraca:RayDraca 35 10 Holyshit It Can Talk by ST0NEDDG0AT Holyshit It Can Talk :iconst0neddg0at:ST0NEDDG0AT 11 7 Blue Dress Dawn to Serena Unmasked by StuAnimeArt Blue Dress Dawn to Serena Unmasked :iconstuanimeart:StuAnimeArt 21 1 Cheerleader Dawn to Misty Unmasked by StuAnimeArt Cheerleader Dawn to Misty Unmasked :iconstuanimeart:StuAnimeArt 22 3 Blake Omnomnom~! by Vanron Blake Omnomnom~! :iconvanron:Vanron 83 5 Inktober 2017 18 - Shimakaze to Nagato by Imbriaart Inktober 2017 18 - Shimakaze to Nagato :iconimbriaart:Imbriaart 37 1 Flying Blind by Prinny77 Flying Blind :iconprinny77:Prinny77 22 1 Fiery Fizzle (Reupload) by Prinny77 Fiery Fizzle (Reupload) :iconprinny77:Prinny77 28 0 Inktober 2017 17 - Isabeau to Anne by Imbriaart Inktober 2017 17 - Isabeau to Anne :iconimbriaart:Imbriaart 52 4 Inktober 2017 15 - Leafa to Persona Vabel by Imbriaart Inktober 2017 15 - Leafa to Persona Vabel :iconimbriaart:Imbriaart 38 0 Inktober 2017 14 - Maki Nishikino to Yazawa Nico by Imbriaart Inktober 2017 14 - Maki Nishikino to Yazawa Nico :iconimbriaart:Imbriaart 42 0 Inktober 2017 13 - Yazawa Nico to Maki Nishikino by Imbriaart Inktober 2017 13 - Yazawa Nico to Maki Nishikino :iconimbriaart:Imbriaart 44 1 Hunt, Interrupted by Prinny77 Hunt, Interrupted :iconprinny77:Prinny77 29 3 Tell Me Your 10th Birthday Wish by uberchain Tell Me Your 10th Birthday Wish :iconuberchain:uberchain 163 27 Two New Perfect Girls In Disguise (Refined) by SkinSuitLover123 Two New Perfect Girls In Disguise (Refined) :iconskinsuitlover123:SkinSuitLover123 39 1 Misty to Haruhi Disguise by StuAnimeArt Misty to Haruhi Disguise :iconstuanimeart:StuAnimeArt 19 3
These pics made by other dA users that I need interest. There are also pics for my TF2 OCs so enjoy looking for these pics.


OK, here I am, checking this artwork. So here we go, let's see if this pleases me a lot. My Opinion: So this artwork has a meaning even...

I haven't played Smash for a while, but I'm gonna play it in the future. So let me get the verdict on perfect Smash Masterpiece. My Ver...

Wow! The details, the lighting on the cars, and your techniques in making this fine piece of work, I'm gonna say that this is truly one...

So let me get on this work since it's April Fools' Day. Luigi is one my favorite Nintendo Characters, with Mario as 1st and Bowser as i...


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Neil Joseph Consolacion
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Just call me Neil, loving art as an enthusiast, true gamer, and computer expert, sort of.

I support Nintendo, Capcom, Sega, Namco and other gaming companies, even bronies and Garry's Mod including its' users.

Beware: If a hater is in my premises, I'm coming after you until you're out of my territory. You have been warned!

Like a man watching anybody in sight, I set out my journey to be a true man of my age.

Although I maybe angry and enraged due to insults, I always gets support from is worldwide friends, and thus my life is still the same.

I'm now in Expert Status in GMod and Amateur Status in Ragdoll Posing. I'll improve my GMod skills in the future.

I'm still need more improvements in my Art Center but patience is needed to complete it.

Milestones Achieved:
1. Beginner - 10 Watchers (July 20, 2013)
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5. Professional - 100 Watchers (March 2, 2014)

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TF2 X Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Operation: Delta Breaker

Welcome to another TF2 X Pokemon Crossover Story. This story focuses on the Delta Episode from Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, happened after completing the main storyline. The objective in the Delta Episode is to stop a giant meteoroid from crash landing into the Pokemon World, and you must capture Rayquaza in order to continue as it is required to go to Space and confront Deoxys. Once Deoxys is captured or defeated, the Episode is complete, and the player can do the post-game sidequests, and to continue catching and trading Pokemon to complete the Pokedex.

The Story's Main Focus:

This story not only focuses on the NJC Elite Force's objective to stop a giant catastrophe from happening, but also on Micheal Grant's ultimate dream to become a Pokemon Master and to be known as hero when he finished playing the game itself and the Delta Episode as well. The Supreme Speedster now knows everything that he saw in the game, but he must be cautious, and will assist his fellow captains in battle so that they can complete their goal. This mission is gonna be their toughest one they ever faced but are they truly prepared for the danger, action, suspense, and lots of surprises in store for them? Find out in Operation: Delta Breaker, a TF2 X Pokemon Story based on the Delta Episode of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Special Guests:

Along the way, some special guests will aid the captains during their journey, but if they needed assistance from them or challenge them in a Pokemon Battle. Will be updated once a special guest appears in each chapter
  1.  Soon
  2.  Soon
  3.  Soon
  4.  Soon
  5.  Soon
  6.  Soon
  7.  Soon
  8.  Soon
  9.  Soon
  10.  Soon

Prologue Chapter: Before The Breaker


  1.  Soon
  2.  Soon
  3.  Soon
  4.  Soon
  5.  Soon


Hearthstone - Legendary Bonanza
Daddy makes toys out of YOU! - Rotface, as he enters the board
I made a stinky! - Rotface, after taking damage as he's summoned a Random Legendary.
Sleepy time! - Rotface, as he attacks the enemy.

This is what happens when you got a lot of Legendary Minions on your board because of Rotface. Doing this during testing of my Legend Discoverer Warrior deck.

My Favorite Warrior Deck consists of the ff. cards that become my main cards:
1. 2 Iron Hides (Needed much armor for tanking)
2. 2 Shield Blocks (Same as Iron Hide, but drawing a card as an added bonus)
3. Cleave (Might change this card if given the chance to look for a new one, but good for removing random 1-2 HP Minions)
4. Mountainfire Armor (Good chunk of armor when he died if enemy takes him down.)
5. 2 Whirlwinds (Basic Spell Card, good for my Rotface)
6. Blood Razor (Perfect for my Rotface, as the 1 damage to all minions is perfect for the legendary summon.)
7. Heroic Strike (Good face is still enough, and even good trade-offs if I have a lot armor to tank up the damage.)
8. Rotface (My Ultimate Secret Weapon, legendaries will be summoned when taking damage.)
9. Explore Un'Goro (Randomness in the jungle, and maybe lucky legendary minions along the way.)

Played on my Huawei A9 Android Smartphone, because I can now play Heartstone on the go, and doing more tests along the way.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is owned by Blizzard Entertainment



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


GMod Pics (Request or Commision)
These are examples of my pics made by me requested or commisioned by other people

I accept payments through dA points or TF2 Metal

Payment is 50 dA Point/2 ref in TF2 Metal for 1 simple pic or 1 Unusual Commission [2-4 characters, simple posing(I suck with that but I try) and other stuff]

Additional character, complicated posing, or bigger ideas - additional 10 dA points or 0.33 ref in TF2 Metal

But in a case of having a TF2 Loadout Request/Commission with someone requesting his her loadout with an unusual in it, I'll be glad to do it.

I will list down the people who did a request or commission from me.

Thanks for being part of my GMod Career.


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