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About Deviant Member Neil Joseph ConsolacionMale/Philippines Group :icontf2-crossovers: TF2-Crossovers
where crossover is awesome!
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Works made by me! Through Team Fortress 2 and Crossovers, it's all within here!


These pics made by other dA users that I need interest. There are also pics for my TF2 OCs so enjoy looking for these pics.


How It Feels: Critiques. by NarneyBrickman

OK! This is how I remember when a GMod Pic needs a critique! Let me see! Vision: I felt that your pics really know how I feel when I go...

Avengers by Merrk
by Merrk

Gonna be my 1st critique since Free Premium Membership Day In my opinion, this is one of the best Avengers Artworks I've ever seen. Vis...


Journal History


The Coming of Gokaiger in TF2 by 2K11CiNCo
The Coming of Gokaiger in TF2
Pirate Demo sees Gokai Red's Weapons. That Demo must bring these weapons back to the owner when he comes to Decoy.

TF2 X Super Sentai Pic!

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger belongs to Toei
Run, Spy! Run! by 2K11CiNCo
Run, Spy! Run!
So much flamethrowers, no Dead Ringer, a chase at Decoy, and his fate is sealed to be burned alive!

Random Ideas are random!
[CONTEST]Boot Camp Success by 2K11CiNCo
[CONTEST]Boot Camp Success
An entry to :iconmenaria: Menaria's 100,000 Views Contest.

Pic's Storyline:
After Strict injured his right leg from one of Bowman's arrows after finishing another defense at Mannworks, he called Neil to sent out a representative to help the new recruits in a boot camp training at Decoy. Neil told his old friend that one of his Captains, Capt. Janie Davis, is on duty to train his recruits at his Headquarters. Strict realized that Captain Chief will be greatly helpful in training rookies because of his leadership on the battlefield and his skills of keeping his teammates alive with lots of cooperation.

After Neil told the news to Janie, Captain Chief heads to Strict's Office which is not far from the NJC Elite Force HQ. He find the injured Strict, waiting at his desk to talk to him. Strict told him that the new rookies at Decoy need his presence so Janie agreed to switch his That '70s Chapeau for Strict's Team Captain in order to bring the mission successful.

At Decoy, the rookies found the Captain Chief in action. He told the rookies about Strict and his injuries. The rookies felt sad about this event but they knew that Janie's Leadership will be as strong as Strict's. When the fight begins, the team fought so well that Captain Chief's Leadership and the team's cooperation is coming into play. 

After all waves completed, the rookies have completed their first boot camp training. While the Scout and Demo have their medals on and packed their stuff, Janie brought the Medic, Heavy, and Engineer to receive medals to honor them in cooperating with him.

When he arrived at Strict's Office, he gave his boot camp report to him. Strict felt so proud of Janie's Strong Leadership and he'll receive his own Team Captain to thank him for helping the new rookies in their 1st Boot Camp Training and bring both the NJC Elite Force and the Metal Melters proud.

So here's Janie going BLU with Strict's Team Captain, helping rookies at a Boot Camp in Decoy. So that's it!

This match is set at All Random, and also one of my best matches in my Dota 2 Career ever since I used Bloodseeker.

Since I got 2 chances for All Random Matches, the Random Hero Pick brought me Bloodseeker, which became my newest hero to be placed as my Dota 2 Main. I rather use Bloodrage first at in the beginning. As I about to go Level 6, I was able to use Rupture to damage enemy Heroes in sight. Me and my other teammate who used Tiny got the same score of 15 kills! Although the Disruptor Player abandon us for no reason, me and the Tiny Player along with 2 other players who played as Venomancer and Faceless Void for the Radiant managed to defeat Dire's 5 Heroes (Oracle, Rubick, Legion Commander, Keeper of the Light, and Spectre).

I have been improved in my Dota 2 Career ever since I learned to use the controls effectively. I wanna try to do it again!


2K11CiNCo's Profile Picture
Neil Joseph Consolacion
My Trophy Style Profile Pic made by :iconherrdoktorhans: HerrdoktorHans

Just call me Neil, loving art as an enthusiast, true gamer, and computer expert, sort of.

I support Nintendo, Capcom, Sega, Namco and other gaming companies, even bronies and Garry's Mod including its' users.

Beware: If a hater is in my premises, I'm coming after you until you're out of my territory. You have been warned!

Like a man watching anybody in sight, I set out my journey to be a true man of my age.

Although I maybe angry and enraged due to insults, I always gets support from is worldwide friends, and thus my life is still the same.

I'm now in Expert Status in GMod and Amateur Status in Ragdoll Posing. I'll improve my GMod skills in the future.

I'm still need more improvements in my Art Center but patience is needed to complete it.

Milestones Achieved:
1. Beginner - 10 Watchers (July 20, 2013)
2. Amateur - 25 Watchers (August, 10, 2013)
3. Big-Time - 50 Watchers (September 24, 2013)
4. Supreme - 75 Watchers (November 24,2013)
5. Professional - 100 Watchers (March 2, 2014)

Raptr Gamercard
Raptr Gamercard


GMod Pics (Request or Commision)
[REQUEST]Nylten's Loadouts by 2K11CiNCo
[REQUEST]No Mercy by 2K11CiNCo
[COMMISSION]Preparing at Upward by 2K11CiNCo
These are examples of my pics made by me requested or commisioned by other people

I accept payments through dA points or TF2 Metal

Payment is 50 dA Point/2 ref in TF2 Metal for 1 simple pic or 1 Unusual Commission [2-4 characters, simple posing(I suck with that but I try) and other stuff]

Additional character, complicated posing, or bigger ideas - additional 10 dA points or 0.33 ref in TF2 Metal

But in a case of having a TF2 Loadout Request/Commission with someone requesting his her loadout with an unusual in it, I'll be glad to do it.

I will list down the people who did a request or commission from me.

Thanks for being part of my GMod Career.

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2K11CiNCo has started a donation pool!
5 / 5,000
This is for Premium Membership status.

I will do TF2 concept items when I have time.

# of Points needed to donate and concept type
10 Points for a concept weapon (I'm not good with that but I'll try)
25 Points for a concept map (I need some work on that)
50 points for a concept misc. item (Still need some ideas)
100 points for a concept hat (I will try on that)

Donation will start to the 1st person who will pick which type should I do first. I will do this only once but I finish the first one, I will do the next. Remember 1 concept for 1 person.

Just note me to start. 1 concept per person.

Thanks for your consideration. Also, Pencil and paper made me do things.

Note: Even if I haven't do anything, donating me some points will be very helpful.

You must be logged in to donate.


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