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These pics made by other dA users that I need interest. There are also pics for my TF2 OCs so enjoy looking for these pics.


After the Show by WasabiFox

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Pyrrha with Jessica Rabbit mask by WasabiFox

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R3 - Smash Bros Character Panel Compilation by Quas-quas

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Neil Joseph Consolacion
New Profile Pic made by :icons3burningrose: S3BurningRose

Just call me Neil, loving art as an enthusiast, true gamer, and computer expert, sort of.

I support Nintendo, Capcom, Sega, Namco and other gaming companies, even bronies and Garry's Mod including its' users.

Beware: If a hater is in my premises, I'm coming after you until you're out of my territory. You have been warned!

Like a man watching anybody in sight, I set out my journey to be a true man of my age.

Although I maybe angry and enraged due to insults, I always gets support from is worldwide friends, and thus my life is still the same.

I'm now in Expert Status in GMod and Amateur Status in Ragdoll Posing. I'll improve my GMod skills in the future.

I'm still need more improvements in my Art Center but patience is needed to complete it.

Milestones Achieved:
1. Beginner - 10 Watchers (July 20, 2013)
2. Amateur - 25 Watchers (August, 10, 2013)
3. Big-Time - 50 Watchers (September 24, 2013)
4. Supreme - 75 Watchers (November 24,2013)
5. Professional - 100 Watchers (March 2, 2014)

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Through the newest Nintendo Direct after the death of Mr. Satoru Iwata, a brand new fighter has joined the ranks of the SSB4 Roster.

He is............ CLOUD STRIFE. The legendary hero from Final Fantasy VII has come to fight Mario and the rest of the Smash Roster

I need more info later, but good job for the many of Cloud's Fans, and those who are FFVII Fans. May his presence be in Smash always.


Through the newest Nintendo Direct after the death of Mr. Satoru Iwata, a brand new fighter has joined the ranks of the SSB4 Roster.

He is............ CLOUD STRIFE. The legendary hero from Final Fantasy VII has come to fight Mario and the rest of the Smash Roster

I need more info later, but good job for the many of Cloud's Fans, and those who are FFVII Fans. May his presence be in Smash always.
Never Mess with The Supreme Speedster by 2K11CiNCo
Never Mess with The Supreme Speedster
Micheal Grant has returned from his vacation, and now he has a new speedy weapon to try, the Baby Face's Blaster. Using this weapon will make him run much faster than he would do. Unfortunately, he'll only jump once and to avoid enemy fire as the boost will be depleted if he did a double jump or even taking damage from enemy fire. Still, the great Supreme Speedster is back, and now that he has his Team Spirit Fed-Fightin' Fedora in his side, he'll still continue to battle for the NJC Elite Force

Steam User "Lrd. Corax" has once again made a SFM Poster of my Supreme Speeder's Main Loadout, which I requested for my birthday. I'm liking it a lot.

Poster Made by Steam User "Lrd. Corax"
Poster Requested by :icon2k11cinco: 2K11CiNCo

The Harbingers II: In Search of The Golden Pan

Written by Neil Joseph Consolacion a.k.a 2K11CiNCo

This is a TF2 Disguise-Related Story that is Inspired by "The Harbingers", written by Chris S., and commissioned by Prinny77

Note: This story took place just 6 months after the events of "The Harbingers" Story, where Sam Waters, author of "The Truth of Haunted America", became the Phoenix Gargoyle of the Harbingers

While relaxing at his HQ at New Mexico, Neil and his captains just doing their jobs when they received a message from Saxton Hale. He knew that an important mission would be good way to train his most elite recruits.

Hale(From the Screen): Neil, it's been awhile since you helped Mann Co. a lot throughout your leadership. I have some fights to go on like wrestling a gorilla with my bare hands, but I got an important mission for you to do. Our most prominent Elite Snipers have reported that the recent Golden Frying Pan has been stolen by some hippie last night from one of our warehouses and brought it somewhere else that no one would ever looked for. Our most trustworthy Elite Spies also told me that the Pan is now resided in one of the treasure vaults at Blackpool Castle, in the Medieval Countryside of Dublin, Ireland. Mann Co. has heard the stories of "The Harbingers", gargoyle guards who protect the treasure vaults of that very castle they guarded for centuries. I have busy stuff here along with Bidwell, who's keep checking the list of all items in our catalog, but if you managed to get the Golden Pan, you can take it and keep it for free. Yes, if you found our lost items, you' can keep it, free of charge. Also, any item lost from our loyal customers that are found by you, it'll be kept for them, free of charge as well. It's our kindness that you helped us win many wars in your career. Also, if you see that hippie who stole that pan from us, take him out for being a dirty hippie he is. Now make Hale and Mann Co. proud. Mann Co. is counting on your bravery to keep what's lost to us. Good luck, Neil. Saxton Hale out.
Neil: Roger that, buddy. Neil out
(Neil is now smiling with confidence that a new mission will be very challenging.)
I have a feeling we gonna need 2 captains and 4 elite recruits to get that Pan.
Heidon:  Ya. We need a Heavy, Sniper, Pyro, and Scout to do this job.
Neil: Good idea. Lejohn, you come as well.
Lejohn: Well now, it'll be a pleasure to assist our 4 elite recruits to New York. We shall do this for Mann Co.
Neil(Confident): Heh. Alright, boys. Let's head for New York, find that pan, and take out that hippie.

Neil and his men have now traveled from New Mexico to Dublin, Ireland, where they did a little enjoyment in the Irish Capital. At the nearest bookstore, he bought a book titled The Truth of Haunted America by Sam Waters, and he purchased it so he can enjoy America's most haunted stories. He can now read on how USA's most haunted places turned out to be so true. On the afternoon, Neil's Team traveled to the countryside and into the Medieval areas of Ireland, and when they arrived near the Pub, they set up camp, thanks to Neil's new elegant trailer home. The Elite Heavy have his own trailer home, so does the Elite Pyro, and the Elite Sniper. Only the Elite Scout can stay at Heidon and Lejohn's Trailer Home.

In the evening, they headed for that Pub so they needed a good talk while Neil is reading the book he purchased. A woman with green eyes approached him. She found out that the book he read was the same as the book that the author still have.

???: Excuse me sir, but are you reading that book that was written by the author, a friend of mine?
Neil: Why yes, miss. I would place an order while I'm reading this.
???: Yes, sir. By the way, are you Neil, leader of the NJC Elite Force?
Neil: Yes, miss. I'm the leader of the NJC Elite Force, and the 2 Captains and 4 Elite Members are part of my team.
???: Nice to meet you, Neil. My name is Alice, I'm working in this place. It would be nice if I give you the menu.
(Alice brought the pub's menu to Neil)
Neil: Thank you, Alice. Now I can order my food.

Everything went well in the pub for Neil and his men. That is, until Neil found a man being too suspicious near his table. Neil knew something isn't right about it, but when he leaves, he was relieved and to continue his eating. When he's done with his dinner, they left the Pub and making plans for the investigation tomorrow. When Neil returned to his trailer home, he need to prepare his equipment and called Saxton from his computer to report on what's happening earlier.

Neil: Saxton, this is Neil. We have located Blackpool Castle. We also notice a suspicious man looking at us. We don't know the motives of that man but we might investigate tomorrow evening. Our men will reach the castle in the afternoon and set up camp near the entrance before we start our search in the evening.
Hale: That's good to hear, Neil. Remember, if you see that hippie again and he's armed, use your your own tricks to turn the tables on that coward. I might be able to travel to your location to deal with this hippie myself. Also, we sent out 3 of our Veteran Engineers to your location in afternoon to set up sentry nests in protecting your campsite should the intruders are trying to invade it while you doing your search. 2 of them will protect the campsite while one will assist you as he have a Frontier Justice, Giger Counter, and Gunslinger because he's a Combat Engineer with good intentions and he'll be giving you a special horn that will call me when used, perfect for taking down any hippie that stands in my way. Also, they will take orders from you because you have outstanding leadership throughout your entire career. Remember, good luck out there, Neil. Mann Co will be with you always. Saxton Hale out.
Neil: Roger that. Neil out.

Next morning, Neil and his forces moved their campsite to Blackpool Castle. They have to reach the site in the afternoon to set up camp near the castle entrance. The Veteran Engineers arrived just 10 minutes after their arrival near the castle entrance. Once their sentry nests are set up, they wait in the evening to start the investigation while making a plan to get the golden frying pan.

Neil: Alright, boys. We gotta stay low and keep danger away while we sneakily made our way to the castle, so don't do any noise while doing so. Is that clear for all of you?
All: Yes, Lord Neil!
Neil: Good, now let's get this mission started.

It's now at evening, and Neil's Team planned to sneak their way to the castle and to the inside while not making any noise. They use the "Pan Tracker", a device that tracks any Frying Pan, inclduing Golden Frying Pans, that have the Mann Co. Tag, to locate the golden pan while making 0% noise. They have to keep their eyes peeled for any guards that are in the area. Lejohn will not backstab the guards for safety reasons. Neil was holding The Truth of Haunted America on his left hand and his flashlight on his right hand while keeping his eye on the gargoyles. 

Just as they reached the main treasure vault, they were attacked by a Bat and Phoenix Gargoyles. Their only choice is to use non-lethal force for awhile but when the gargoyles hit Neil with an impact so hard, Neil's men saw him dropped to the floor. His right shoulder got injured, but despite the terrifying ordeal they did on Neil, he can't let the book out of his hands. That's when the Phoenix Gargoyle noticing the book he's holding along with his name, Sam Waters. That's the book he published 6 months ago, "The Truth of Haunted America." Sam realized that Neil is interested in haunted stories and assists any supernatural beings for the good. Neil told him that the book he purchased was indeed part of his interest: Horror Stories. Alice followed suit, and removed their helmets.

Alice: So Neil has an interest with haunted stories. I like him a lot but why are you here?
Neil: Simple: Finding the Golden Frying Pan, the greatest treasured weapon of all. Anyone who got panned with that weapon will be turned into gold.
Sam: That's true. That's because we found out that someone managed to place the pan inside the main treasure vault. We found out that this pan has a tag that says "Made and Shipped by Mann Co.", we know that you're here for that, right?
Heidon: Ya.
Elite Engineer #1: We're also here to help Neil find the pan under his orders and to Saxton Hale, Mann Co.'s CEO.
Alice: I remember that company before. I heard that Mann Co. had a lot of items in stock on their warehouses. I felt that you're connected to Mann Co., right?
Neil: Yes, indeed. Me and Heidon with Lejohn helped Mann Co. win the many wars we faced.
Lejohn: I assumed that the thief might be here shortly when we start searching and backstabbing isn't allowed for me on safety reasons. I'm a professional along with Heidon and the rest of Neil's team.

While they're talking, Neil heard a voice coming from the upper floors. "I heard some talking, I'm coming down", that's all he said before he descended to the main treasure vault.

???: I told you that outsiders aren't allowed in this-
Neil: Ahem!
(The Dragon Gargoyle turned and find Neil holding his Desert Eagle and his AWP)
Wait, the NJC Elite Force Leader, Neil?
Neil: Heh! We have heard of these stories, my friend. You remember my name, and I'll thank you for doing it right.
???: Well, it's a pleasure to meet you guys. I'm Philip, the Dragon Gargoyle of the Harbingers. So about the Golden Frying Pan with the Mann Co. Tag. Is it possible to keep it?
Neil: Yes, indeed. Saxton told to me that if I managed to find the pan or any item that Mann Co. lost, I keep them, free of charge. 
Philip: I see. I know you're good with technology and maybe Griggs will able to check your technological prowess.

The conversation went smooth and well, and even let Neil open the main treasure vault and retrieve the pan. That is, until he heard a warning shot after he exits the main vault that made everyone raised their hands. Despite this, Neil is still determined to take out the suspect as he puts his AWP in his special Weapons Backpack, activates "Path of Immortatlity Shield" from his special watch, grabs his Desert Eagle, and turns around to see a man pointing his gun at Neil, who wants the pan from him. He knows that the man, whose first name is Phineas, wants to take revenge on Sam after the events, leading to Sam becoming the part of the Harbingers as the Phoenix Gargoyle, 6 months before Neil had his chance to venture at Blackpool Castle.

Phineas: Hand over the pan, Neil. RIGHT! NOW!
Neil: Heh! I don't care if you try to shoot me, but this pan belongs to Mann Co., and you'll regret the decision and the day you mess with the NJC Elite Force.
(Phineas fires his gun at Neil but his "Path of Immortality Shield" blocks the bullet, dealing no damage on Neil at all.)
You forgot that I made the new "Path of Immortality" Shield that protects me from deadly force. You have no hope to escape my wrath, boy!
Phineas: What? Why? How?
Neil: You'll see why I'm the Leader of the NJC Elite Force, and here's the ultimate answer.

As Neil puts his Deagle on his holster, he grabs the Mann Co. Horn and he uses it. The sound can be heard from the Mann Co. HQ. When Saxton hears the horn's call. He heads to where Neil sounded the horn and springs into action with his famous line:


Sam, Alice, Philip, and can't believe that Saxton Hale has arrived in time and stands at Neil's side

Hale: The name's Saxton Hale. Australian, CEO of Mann Co., and the man who will crush those hippies to the ground.
Phineas: Out of the way! That Pan belongs to me!
Hale: Well, let's if you're hippie enough to fight me. Heidon, send in the Uber!
Heidon: Ya!
(Heidon's Medi-Gun is at full Ubercharge, allowing Saxton to resist punishment.)
No! Why are you foiling my revenge plot?
Hale: Because you're the hippie who stole one of our Golden Frying Pans without my permission from one of our warehouses. Hippie, it's time that I'll teach you a lesson in not stealing our products, and revenge for hippies isn't part of our catalog. Now, Neil!
Neil: Roger that. Phineas, it's time to show you the wrath of the NJC Elite Force.

When Neil activates his "Wrathful Rage" ability, Phineas is in full panic mode. He tries to escape to the staircase, but Hale is so quick to his feet that he blocks his escape route and punches him in the face, knocking him out of the stairs and into the hands of Neil and his men, waiting for him to drop and prepare for the final blow. As Neil charges up for the "Ultimate Chaotic Punch" along with the Elite Heavy, Saxton brings Phineas to his feet, pushing him to Neil and the Heavy, and they execute the "Ultimate Chaotic Punch" on Phineas to finish the job. After that, Alice gave Neil the Orange Mist Canister so that when the orange mist is in Phineas' nose, he'll be knocked out for good. After the dust settles, the confrontation is over. The NJC Elite Force has just won another battle for Mann Co.

Neil: Suspect is down and out, and the pan is now safe with me. This confrontation is over. Now that our mission is done, the Harbingers and the treasure are now in safe hands once again.
Hale: Good job, Neil. You made Mann Co. proud. 
Neil: Now that everything is safe, call the police, Heidon. Saxton, make sure that Phineas won't escape before the police arrived. I'll be checking some technological stuff that I can improve for the Harbingers.
Alice: OK, Neil. Guys, let's tour Neil in this castle, and to our testing facility so he might help us improve our suits.

It was a long process as Neil tours the castle, and guided them to the testing facility so that he can check their suits for improvements, and because of this, all is well in Blackpool Castle. The next morning, the Harbingers arrived at Neil's Campsite to thank them for protecting the castle and themselves.

Alice: It's a pleasure to thank you for helping us. We know that you're not interested in our gargoyle suits, but we also know that you'll help us keep the castle's treasure safe. We know that you'll meet us again.
(Neil smiles, makes a nod to Saxton, and gives him the High-Five.)
Neil: We know that we might meet again someday, and we might do it sometime. We have to return to New Mexico, because I have some recruits to train. (Turns to Sam)By the way, Sam. I finished reading your best-selling book, and I can't wait for your next book to be published.
Sam: Well, I was gonna put my next book on hold, but since you helped us with the castle, I make sure that my next book is gonna be a best-selling hit.

Neil and Sam shake hands for a job well done, and everything is back to normal. Following the events, Phineas was arrested for Robbery and Attempted Murder. Sam returns to his publisher to finish his sequel, and tells how Neil saved him and his friends from a deadly threat. After that, Neil visited Sam's Book Signing Booth in getting Sam's new sequel book, with a note saying, "Thank You Neil. You're really a big help." -Sam Waters". Neil is happy with the book, shakes hands again with Sam, and left. Sam knew that the journey for Neil and the NJC Elite Force will continue on.

The Harbingers II: In Search of The Golden Pan
When I read "The Harbingers", I felt that a sequel featuring Heidon and Lejohn will be a good story. That's because I was inspired by it to make a story of a Golden Pan stolen inside the same castle, and it's up to my fictional self, along with my men, and Mann Co. to retrieve it once and for all and to protect the castle, its treasure, and the Harbingers from a certain enemy.

Story inspired by "The Harbingers", written by Chris S., and commissioned by :iconprinny77: Prinny77

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GMod Pics (Request or Commision)
[REQUEST]Nylten's Loadouts by 2K11CiNCo
[REQUEST]No Mercy by 2K11CiNCo
[COMMISSION]Preparing at Upward by 2K11CiNCo
These are examples of my pics made by me requested or commisioned by other people

I accept payments through dA points or TF2 Metal

Payment is 50 dA Point/2 ref in TF2 Metal for 1 simple pic or 1 Unusual Commission [2-4 characters, simple posing(I suck with that but I try) and other stuff]

Additional character, complicated posing, or bigger ideas - additional 10 dA points or 0.33 ref in TF2 Metal

But in a case of having a TF2 Loadout Request/Commission with someone requesting his her loadout with an unusual in it, I'll be glad to do it.

I will list down the people who did a request or commission from me.

Thanks for being part of my GMod Career.


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