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Works made by me! Through Team Fortress 2 and Crossovers, it's all within here!


These pics made by other dA users that I need interest. There are also pics for my TF2 OCs so enjoy looking for these pics.


High Octane by Nikolad92

Wow! The details, the lighting on the cars, and your techniques in making this fine piece of work, I'm gonna say that this is truly one...

Luigi by ShushiKillers

So let me get on this work since it's April Fools' Day. Luigi is one my favorite Nintendo Characters, with Mario as 1st and Bowser as i...

~Can I ask you where you get this cup of coffee~ by Commodor-Richter

Alright, let me think about this one! Seems you did well on this piece of work. Here's my score: Vision: Seems that you did well on thi...

Psycho Krieg Cosplay - Borderlands 2 2K 2015 by LeonChiroCosplayArt

OK, I'm gonna try to see what I can think from this one. Very impressive from the likes of what I saw. Vision - Well, it's still Border...


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Neil Joseph Consolacion
New Profile Pic made by myself. Whew, took me long enough to make this one bad boy but I did it!

Just call me Neil, loving art as an enthusiast, true gamer, and computer expert, sort of.

I support Nintendo, Capcom, Sega, Namco and other gaming companies, even bronies and Garry's Mod including its' users.

Beware: If a hater is in my premises, I'm coming after you until you're out of my territory. You have been warned!

Like a man watching anybody in sight, I set out my journey to be a true man of my age.

Although I maybe angry and enraged due to insults, I always gets support from is worldwide friends, and thus my life is still the same.

I'm now in Expert Status in GMod and Amateur Status in Ragdoll Posing. I'll improve my GMod skills in the future.

I'm still need more improvements in my Art Center but patience is needed to complete it.

Milestones Achieved:
1. Beginner - 10 Watchers (July 20, 2013)
2. Amateur - 25 Watchers (August, 10, 2013)
3. Big-Time - 50 Watchers (September 24, 2013)
4. Supreme - 75 Watchers (November 24,2013)
5. Professional - 100 Watchers (March 2, 2014)

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So here's my story:

I was on the website called that lets you listen to music and to chat with people. I was part in a giveaway for the whole TF2 Backpack. The one who announced it has the prize. So we wait while we enjoy the music. One of the bouncers named "Hugovine Geraldine" told me to guess who won the prize, didn't realized that I won the biggest giveaway. So I add the person with the prize, and I told him that I exclude crates in receiving the prize (Except for one Acorn Crate). After I won one of my luckiest giveaways, I started collecting metal to gain some cosmetics for my selected classes.

That's how I got lucky. Also here are my newest TF2 Loadouts, including the return of the Special Ops Heidon: 

images.akamai.steamusercontent… - My New Soldier Loadout
images.akamai.steamusercontent… - My New Pyro Loadout
images.akamai.steamusercontent… - My New Alternate Pyro Loadout
images.akamai.steamusercontent… - My New Heavy Loadout
images.akamai.steamusercontent… - My New Engineer Loadout Type I
images.akamai.steamusercontent… - My New Engineer Loadout Type II (Pomson + Gunslinger Combo)
images.akamai.steamusercontent… - My New Engineer Loadout Type II (Stock Engineer Weapons)
images.akamai.steamusercontent… - The Return of Heidon's Special Ops Medic Outfit


Welcome to the 1st chapter of the TF2 X Hyrule Warriors Crossover Story

TF2 X Hyrule Warriors: Hyrulean Stand at The Badlands

Chapter I: Beginning of the Hyrulean War

Act I: Mysterious Recruits

The war at the Badlands has just begun, enemies from the Hyrulean Era came from the mysterious portals and came across with objectives from their masters. As they drawn near to the NJC Elite Force HQ, Neil's army ambushed the enemy and attacked with true strength and power, and because he brought Hyrulean Magic to their weaponry, they easily took out many enemies. Because of Jane's early warning, and using Neil's offensive and defensive tactics, the enemies are being overwhelmed and retreated to their bases that aren't far from Neil's Main Base. He knew that they'll come back with an even bigger army, but he has more improved tactics up on his sleeves.

Neil: Men, we draw the enemy back to their bases but they'll be returning soon. I know they come from Hyrule, but the enemy didn't know what hit them so we must improved our tactics in order to survive another enemy onslaught. Rest for a while, boys. You need the energy to fight again.

Just then, someone ring the doorbell. That's when Neil heard the doorbell and noticed that visitors usually ring his doorbell. So when Neil, Glenry, Garcy, and Heidon head for the door and open it, only a Female Scout, a Female Medic, and a Female Spy entered their base.

Neil: Ah! Are you the new recruits here?
"All nodded to them."
"Female Medic gave Neil a note."

Neil: I see. Come on in, and let me introduce to my army and my captains.

So all of Neil's men and his captains proceed to the training grounds to introduce to the new recruits.

Neil: Men, we have 3 newest female recruits to join our army in our fight against our ferocious enemies. We must protect these recruits at all costs, boys.
All: Yes, Sir! We'll protect them, Lord Neil!
Neil: Good. See to it that they're in good condition but they have a secret only I and my fellow captains know about it. Understood, boys?
All: Understood, Lord Neil.
Neil: OK, you boys understood and follow my orders well so I gave you a big promotion, until we finished off the 2nd wave because we must be stronger this time. Rest for now, you'll need it.
"All of Neil's Men cheered as they rest and prepared for another battle with the enemy."

As Neil toured the new recruits in his HQ and finished the tour in time, Glenry, Heidon, and Garcy felt the power of the Triforce within them again, alerting him to check on them.

Neil (Concerned): Hmmm........
Heidon: Well?
Neil: I think the Triforce is telling us something but I don't know.
Female Medic(?): Neil?
Neil: Yes?

Just as Neil heard the Female Medic saying his name, a familiar voice was heard in his ears, and so does his fellow captains.

Neil: Wait, your voice sounds familiar to us, as if I have remembered something in my journey.
Heidon: Master, you know this person?
Neil: Yes, Heidon. The White Sorceress, Lana. I knew her voice since my journey in Hyrule

Lana remove her Female Medic Mask, but still wears the Female Medic outfit. Glenry is in total shock when he saw her for the 1st time.

Glenry: Lad, who is this beautiful girl I saw?
Neil: Glenry, that's Lana. She's the White Sorceress who I met her along my Hyrule journey.
"Neil introduces his captains to Lana, especially Garcy, Glenry, and Heidon who have their part of the Triforce within them."
Lana: What? So the Triforce has laid hands upon your 3 captains?
Neil: Yes, Lana. Glenry has Courage because he's Scottish since he knows how to use a sword correctly and he's like Link but he's drunk yet aggressive in both offense in defense through explosive weaponry. Garcy has Power but he's a good Sniper, using a Bow and Arrow to take care of enemies at close range. He's a highly-classed marksman, veteran sharpshooter and master archer, don't underestimate him. Heidon, my main captain, has Wisdom since he's a teacher and gives advice to his fellow recruits and beginner medics. He's one master Medic you never try to attack. We know that they can now use a Grappling Hook so they can grapple to safety. There are more captains who are willing to protect me, Lana. Trust me, operations do happened every time.
Lana: I see, but why a base in the desert?
Neil: Well, since the end of the Gravel Wars and the Mann Vs. Machine War, we have establish my main HQ at the Badlands desert. It'll served as our main base of operations, Lana. Crossover operations usually starts when someone from another world came from the portals of their world. That's how our journeys and adventures begin here.
Lana: OK, Neil. So we heard that these monsters from our world were about to take over your base but your men draw them back and retreat, hoping a new strategy will be used.
Garcy: That's right, Lana. We also brought Hyrulean magic to our weapons so that we can deal the damage to these wankers.
Jane: Neil?
Neil: Yes, Mr. Doe?
"Jane stares Lana in a Female Medic outfit when he saw her."
Lana: Uhhh.... who's the person staring at me?
Neil: The Soldier staring at you? That's Jane Doe, our Expert Soldier in the Badlands.
Jane: Good to be part of us, Lana.
Lana: Thanks, Mr. Doe.

During the conversation, Janie Davis, the Captain Chief, spotted unusual activity near the enemy HQ with his Binoculars. Neil, Heidon, Glenry, Garcy, Jane, and Lana went to where Janie is. When Neil used his binoculars saw the activity, he said, "Alright, the enemy has brought up a bigger army but we got improved weaponry and we have Lana at our side. The Triforce warned us earlier about it. Now it's the time to show the true power of the NJC Elite Force."

When all are ready, the time for another battle against the Hyrulean Monsters begin. That time will come!

Neil: Let's show these monsters what the NJC Elite Force is capable of dealing with wars like this. ATTACK!

Act II is coming soon

Ch. I Act I: Mysterious Recruits
The 1st Act of the 1st Chapter of the TF2 X Hyrule Warriors Story. Lana makes her first appearance in this act. Coming soon, Ruto and Fi will soon follow.

Special Guest:
:icontfsoldier: TFSoldier

Hyrule Warriors belongs to Nintendo and Koei Tecmo
Team Fortress 2 belongs to Valve
Lejohn and ohEmin by 2K11CiNCo
Lejohn and ohEmin
Here's something for my new pal, :iconohemin: ohEmin. Here's my current Spy Loadout having a meeting with his Orange Spy Loadout because that's one impressive Spy. Hope you like it, pal.

:iconohemin: ohEmin 
Heidon Returns + Shout-outs by 2K11CiNCo
Heidon Returns + Shout-outs
Now that I have my old Medic back (Specal Ops Version, Original Version may be coming back soon), I can make more pics of him in a future date. So he here is, in his Special Ops Outfit. See my Medic in the servers I'm in, except sv_pure 1 and 2.

By the way, I have a new signature for my works.

Also, I give them shout-outs to these fine people, will be updated for more people:
:iconohemin: ohEmin (I think his SFM Posters are cool no doubt.)
:iconblazingdragonlord: BlazingDragonLord
:iconspychedelic: Spychedelic
:icont-on-da: T-on-DA
:iconbrowser-surfer14: browser-surfer14
:iconactiveaaron: ActiveAaron
:icontatsumakipoopkick: TatsumakiPoopkick
:iconuberchain: uberchain
:iconbitchyredsniper: BitchyRedSniper
:iconnikolad92: Nikolad92
:iconkayakazan: kayakazan
:iconwilleeemeli: willeeemeli
:iconkarinscr: karinscr
:iconexendraiser: ExendRaiser
:iconchaoticlord44: ChaoticLord44
:iconnylten: Nylten
:iconconalocsc: ConaloCSC
:iconlurioasplund: LurioAsplund
:icondillydong: DillyDong (I might get the Dogfighter that you contributed soon.)
And much more. Thanks for being with me.

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GMod Pics (Request or Commision)
[REQUEST]Nylten's Loadouts by 2K11CiNCo
[REQUEST]No Mercy by 2K11CiNCo
[COMMISSION]Preparing at Upward by 2K11CiNCo
These are examples of my pics made by me requested or commisioned by other people

I accept payments through dA points or TF2 Metal

Payment is 50 dA Point/2 ref in TF2 Metal for 1 simple pic or 1 Unusual Commission [2-4 characters, simple posing(I suck with that but I try) and other stuff]

Additional character, complicated posing, or bigger ideas - additional 10 dA points or 0.33 ref in TF2 Metal

But in a case of having a TF2 Loadout Request/Commission with someone requesting his her loadout with an unusual in it, I'll be glad to do it.

I will list down the people who did a request or commission from me.

Thanks for being part of my GMod Career.


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