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Works made by me! Through Team Fortress 2 and Crossovers, it's all within here!


These pics made by other dA users that I need interest. There are also pics for my TF2 OCs so enjoy looking for these pics.


How It Feels: Critiques. by NarneyBrickman

OK! This is how I remember when a GMod Pic needs a critique! Let me see! Vision: I felt that your pics really know how I feel when I go...

Avengers by Merrk
by Merrk

Gonna be my 1st critique since Free Premium Membership Day In my opinion, this is one of the best Avengers Artworks I've ever seen. Vis...



Journal History


Neil's Tomb Raider Engineer Loadout by 2K11CiNCo
Neil's Tomb Raider Engineer Loadout
Looks like I'm interested in some Tomb Raider Items that I can use to replace:

1. Adventure Addict - All Class, replaces my Full Head of Steam
2. Raider's Tomb Sack - All-Class, replaces my Professor Speks
3. Raider's Wear - For Engineer, replaces my Tools of The Trade

If you like Tomb Raider, Square Enix and Valve still has the Tomb Raider Contest and still open. Go here to take a look at these wonderful items that may be part of TF2 itself:…
If you want to try to replace your not-so favorite items with more awesome ones, then go to Mods.TF to check out these fantastics reskins for your items: (You'll be starting at Page 1)

Either way, I'll be better know that TF2's End Of The Line Update is coming soon though. 
For so long, here's the 3rd Part of Chapter II of Pokemon XY: The Heidon and Janie Chronicles

Chapter II: The Ketchum Search

Part III: The Adventurer's Origins

With Ash and his Pikachu, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie are now part of their team, Neil, Heidon, and Janie talked to them about their great adventures they got from their previous journeys. Stories of fighting through iconic TF2 battlefields like 2Fort, Dustbowl, Junction, and more are just the moments and greatest victories that Neil, Heidon, and Janie shared with them when then trio, along with their fellow captains, led the NJC Elite Force to many victories in battle with determination, cooperation, and teamwork from all of their fellow teammates. This also led them to take on crossover journeys when they're looking for new adventures to do. Since then, a few crossover adventures were made by Neil, Heidon, and Janie and every adventure they finished, they have bring memorabilia to commemorate these journeys they took.

Ash: Wow! I never thought you three have some great adventures.
Serena: It must have been hard work for the three of you, taking every journey you make is a great way to test your new skills.
Neil: Yep, this is what we do every time we're on new adventures because I think that these will take us to the next level.
Clemont: Nice to know, Neil. I know that you're pretty good in technological stuff, right?
Neil: That's correct, Clemont. I'm a high-tech specialist, designing new weapon upgrades , improved gadgetry, and even with high intelligence in computers. I'm always looking for for some good ol' technological advancement in my free time.

While the gang are headed for Shalour City to take on the city's gym leader, they didn't realized that the Kalos Champion, Diantha, has been incognito to anyone when she noticed some familiar faces passing her by. Then Neil noticed her as he passing her by.

Neil: Excuse me, miss. Uhh.... what are you doing here?
Diantha: Well, I was going to-- wait,  is that you, Neil?
Neil: Diantha? The Kalos Champion? *Calls onto his buddies* Guys, we have the Kalos Champion Diantha with us.

Everyone has rushed in to meet the Kalos Champion. Heidon wants everyone to tell the story of how he, Neil, his friend Lejohn, and Janie met Diantha while they're doing Pokemon Battle Training in their HQ before they start their Kalos Journey.

Neil: Hmmm.... Well, a story is a story but we're gonna retell about Me and My Captain Trio meet Diantha Story right, Ash?
Ash: Yeah! It's going to be an awesome story.
Neil: But first, here's the story cover. You might see a familiar face there.

When they check the cover of the book, Neil's right! A familiar face is standing at the left side of him.

Ash: Hey, I remember that Spy before. That's Lejohn Calandia! He's the one who helped me out during my Unova Journey.
Neil: Correct! He's a tough captain to beat since he's a hard worker with lots of intelligence against his opponents. Anyway, let's read the story. You gonna see some surprises from this story.

The Main Backstory:
While Neil and his Captains return to their HQ from their leisure shopping, he noticed a lonely Gardevoir who was lost with her Trainer somehow.

Lejohn: Looks like her Trainer left her behind here. We need to return to HQ to keep her safe. We don't want to leave her out in the open.

All of them agreed and brought the lone Gardevoir to Neil's HQ, unaware that this isn't your ordinary Gardevoir to see and to take care of.

At the HQ's Pokemon Battlefield, Neil wants to test Heidon and Janie's Pokemon Training Skills.

Heidon: Hmm... We can test our skills if we're up to the challenge
Neil: Alright, but we must show that Gardevoir how we train our Pokemon.

So the battle begins with only one Pokemon in a Tag Battle Training between Neil with Lejohn and Heidon with Janie. It was a fierce and intense battle between both teams until the unexpected happened. During that battle, Janie's Pokemon, Froslass, accidentally fired her Shadow Ball at Gardevoir. Neil knows it and springs into action to save her. He decided that this battle ends in a draw to ensure Gardevoir's safety.

Neil: Well, we make this match a draw. We want to keep Gardevoir safe.

The all of a sudden, Gardevoir just talked to them. All are very surprised to hear this.

Neil, I really want to thank you and your friends for knowing the true meaning of how all of you trained your Pokemon.
Neil: I.... uh...... thanks for the compliments but, who are you anyway?

So Gardevoir grabs something from her back as if she grabs a zipper at the back of her head. Then she pull her head as if she was removing a mask to reveal that she's Diantha, the Kalos Champion. Neil was speechless and the TF2 Trio were surprised to see this moment. All of a sudden, he fainted from seeing her and his friends rushed to his aid

Master Neil, are you alright?
Lejohn: He's still breathing but he can't take of seeing Diantha unmasked. Heal him to get him back.

With his Medi Gun in hand, Heidon managed to bring Neil back to his senses. Diantha realized that unmasking herself made him fainted to see her true face.

Diantha: I'm sorry, Neil. I didn't mean to make you faint like that.
Neil: (Recovered from fainting) That's OK, Diantha. I have my captains on my side. Introduce yourselves to her, boys.

Neil's Captains were now ready to introduce them to Diantha

Heidon: I'm Heidon Schwartson, the Winter Medic from Stuttgart, Germany.
Lejohn: My name is Lejohn Calandia, my dear friend. I'm the Charmer Spy who hails from Paris, France, Diantha. I appreciate to meet you in person.
Janie: Janie Davis here, the Captain Chief from Denver, Colorado. Glad to meet you, Diantha.
Neil: Diantha, you have me and my captains for the NJC Elite Force. We know you're the Kalos Champion but we're proud of this great moment.
Diantha: (Delighted) Wow! I never thought all of you are trained your Pokemon very hard. By the way, are all of you living in the real world?
Neil: Yes, we are but through the use of my door portals, I can go to any place with my buddies for adventures.
Diantha: Well, you had your point. Still, I may need some chocolate cake that you already make.
Neil: Ah! I thought you never asked. Let's bring the Chocolate Cake I have in the fridge. We can all share.

Just like that, we all ate the cake and continue our training. That's the story how Neil and his Captain Trio have met Diantha on their "Fateful Encounter"

Soon: Chapter III
Chapter II Part III - The Adventurer's Origins
For just a long time, here it is! The 3rd and Final Part of Chapter II for my TF2/Pokemon Story that takes place in the Kalos Region.

What will happen next? Chapter III is coming..... very soon!

TF2 belongs to Valve
Pokemon belongs to Nintendo
My OCs belong to me

You need to look for "Palutena's Guidance" stuff in Palutena's Temple. You gonna love it and to :iconprofessor-heavy: Professor-Heavy.…

You need to look for "Palutena's Guidance" stuff in Palutena's Temple. You gonna love it and to :iconprofessor-heavy: Professor-Heavy.


2K11CiNCo's Profile Picture
Neil Joseph Consolacion
My Trophy Style Profile Pic made by :iconherrdoktorhans: HerrdoktorHans

Just call me Neil, loving art as an enthusiast, true gamer, and computer expert, sort of.

I support Nintendo, Capcom, Sega, Namco and other gaming companies, even bronies and Garry's Mod including its' users.

Beware: If a hater is in my premises, I'm coming after you until you're out of my territory. You have been warned!

Like a man watching anybody in sight, I set out my journey to be a true man of my age.

Although I maybe angry and enraged due to insults, I always gets support from is worldwide friends, and thus my life is still the same.

I'm now in Expert Status in GMod and Amateur Status in Ragdoll Posing. I'll improve my GMod skills in the future.

I'm still need more improvements in my Art Center but patience is needed to complete it.

Milestones Achieved:
1. Beginner - 10 Watchers (July 20, 2013)
2. Amateur - 25 Watchers (August, 10, 2013)
3. Big-Time - 50 Watchers (September 24, 2013)
4. Supreme - 75 Watchers (November 24,2013)
5. Professional - 100 Watchers (March 2, 2014)

Raptr Gamercard
Raptr Gamercard


GMod Pics (Request or Commision)
[REQUEST]Nylten's Loadouts by 2K11CiNCo
[REQUEST]No Mercy by 2K11CiNCo
[COMMISSION]Preparing at Upward by 2K11CiNCo
These are examples of my pics made by me requested or commisioned by other people

I accept payments through dA points or TF2 Metal

Payment is 50 dA Point/2 ref in TF2 Metal for 1 simple pic or 1 Unusual Commission [2-4 characters, simple posing(I suck with that but I try) and other stuff]

Additional character, complicated posing, or bigger ideas - additional 10 dA points or 0.33 ref in TF2 Metal

But in a case of having a TF2 Loadout Request/Commission with someone requesting his her loadout with an unusual in it, I'll be glad to do it.

I will list down the people who did a request or commission from me.

Thanks for being part of my GMod Career.

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2K11CiNCo has started a donation pool!
5 / 5,000
This is for Premium Membership status.

I will do TF2 concept items when I have time.

# of Points needed to donate and concept type
10 Points for a concept weapon (I'm not good with that but I'll try)
25 Points for a concept map (I need some work on that)
50 points for a concept misc. item (Still need some ideas)
100 points for a concept hat (I will try on that)

Donation will start to the 1st person who will pick which type should I do first. I will do this only once but I finish the first one, I will do the next. Remember 1 concept for 1 person.

Just note me to start. 1 concept per person.

Thanks for your consideration. Also, Pencil and paper made me do things.

Note: Even if I haven't do anything, donating me some points will be very helpful.

You must be logged in to donate.


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